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Diners Club Corporate Cards




Put your company in a privileged position.
Diners Club and Diners Club Vodafone corporate cards will be an additional asset to your business.  Their unique privileges and high quality service will satisfy all your requirements.  Improve the image of your business today by entering into the world of Diners Club and take advantage of the unique benefits offered by Diners Club Corporate Cards.  An exceptional journey into a world of high quality benefits and services begins now.  Enjoy it!

Diners Club Vodafone Corporate Card
Especially companies with Vodafone business contracts can enjoy communication with additional privileges. Diners Club Vodafone Corporate Card allows them to gain a discount on their mobile monthly fee up to €113 per month or €1,365 per year. Reduce your mobile monthly fee without limiting your communication, by making transactions with your card. For every €50 of transactions with your card, you gain a discount of €1, both in Greece and abroad*. For example, you can enjoy a business dinner at a 50% discount offered by Dine Diners and, at the same time, gain a discount on your Vodafone mobile monthly fee!

*In accordance with the special terms and conditions of the program.




  Citibank International Plc has transferred its consumer banking business in Greece and Diners Club Finance Company of Greece S.A. to Αlpha Bank A.E. Citibank’s trademarks are used temporarily under license. Privacy
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