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Κάρτες Diners Club Prestige


Diners Club Prestige

Travel to unique destinations, visit places suitable for your lifestyle, make your wishes come true, take care of your health and beauty, experience the ultimate freedom in everything you do, with Diners Club PrestigeDiners Club Prestige shows you the way to the world you have always dreamed of.  Discover and enjoy it, it has been made exclusively for you!


Diners Club Vodafone Prestige

If you consider communication an asset in your life, then Diners Club Vodafone Prestige card is here for you.  Live the new world of privileges that is waiting for you.  Your Diners Club Vodafone Prestige card is accepted by more than 65,000 merchants all over Greece and more than 22,000,000 merchants worldwide. 

Use your Diners Club Vodafone Prestige card for your daily shopping and gain up to €40 discount per month on your mobile monthly fee. For every €50 of purchases with your card, you gain a discount of €1, from all your purchases in Greece and abroad. Gain an additional discount on your mobile monthly fee, even through the automatic payment of your mobile phone bill via your card, since this is calculated as a purchase too!


  Citibank International Plc has transferred its consumer banking business in Greece and Diners Club Finance Company of Greece S.A. to Αlpha Bank A.E. Citibank’s trademarks are used temporarily under license. Privacy
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