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If you consider communication an asset in your life, then Diners Club Vodafone card is here for you.  Live a totally new experience in travelling, shopping and entertainment, and save money every time!  Your Diners Club Vodafone card is accepted by more than 65,000 merchants all over Greece and more than 22,000,000 merchants worldwide.  The journey into the world of Diners Club is wonderful.  Enjoy it with no limits!

Use your Diners Club Vodafone card for your daily shopping needs  and gain up to €40 discount per month on your mobile monthly fee. For every €50 worth of purchases made with your card, in Greece and abroad, you gain a discount of €1. Gain additional discount, by enabling your mobile phone automatic bill payment via your card, which is calculated as a purchase!

Every month you will be informed about the earned discount on your mobile fee, through your Diners Club Vodafone statement and through sms message to your mobile phone. The amount of discount will be deducted from your next Vodafone bill.

Important Notice: The accuracy of mobile telephony information is important for the calculation of the discount. In case there is any change in the Vodafone dealer, mobile phone number or subscriber ID, please don’t forget to contact Vodafone, by sending a fax to 210 67 02 320, or Diners Club, by calling 210 92 90 200 or by sending a fax to 210 92 44 203.




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