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General Information
Payment Methods



Pay your card monthly bill easily

Bank Branches
At the teller stations of Citibank, Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank.

CitiPhone Banking
If you have an account with Citibank, you can pay your Diners Club card statement through CitiPhone Banking, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 801 11 12 484 (at a local call charge) or 210 92 90 200.

Automatic payment (direct debit)
If you have an account at Citibank or Alpha Bank, you may give a standing order to the bank for the payment of your Diners Club card statement by debiting your bank account. For the automatic payment of your card statement, you are only required to fill in a special form that is available at all Citibank branches or by calling at Citiphone at 210 9290200.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) of Citibank
Without your Personal Identification Number (PIN), at specially protected areas of all Citibank branches.

Citibank Online
By using Citibank Online service (e-banking) of Citibank, you can pay your Diners Club card statement, 24 hours a day, by debiting your bank account, provided you “link” your Diners Club card with Citibank Card.

Internet Banking
Diners Club collaborates with Eurobank (www.eurobank.gr), Alpha Bank (www.alphabank.gr), Piraeus Bank (www.winbank.gr) and National Bank (www.nbg.gr) where through the respective websites you may pay your Diners card, provided you have an account with these banks.

Citi Mobile
With your mobile phone through Citi Mobile, if you have an account with Citibank.

Automated Payment Centers (APCs)
Pay your Diners Club card statement quickly, easily and safely, even without your card, by just entering its number. There are APCs at most of Citibank branches, operating during business hours.

Hellenic Post (ELTA)
You may use at ELTA “Quick Payment” form incorporated at the bottom side of your statement. Kindly note that the payment should be effected prior to the due date and you should allow at least five working days for the payment to be posted in Diners Club.

Pay by SMS
The new innovative service for paying your cards through SMS. See more.





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